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Using the Registry GUI to Upload a File

The Registry GUI can be used to upload SDMX_ML, SDMX-EDI or, for code lists, CSV files, containing structural metadata. Note that this GUI does not invoke the Registry Web Service but rather uses the GUI-Registry interface to submit the content of the uploaded document. The following types of file can be processed:

• SDMX_ML Structure file for versions 1.0, 2.0, 2.1

• SDMX_ML RegistryInterface file for version 2.0, 2.1

• SDMX-EDI file containing structural metadata (BGM=73)

CSV file containing codes for a code list

In order to load the file select the Registry File Upload option from the Main Menu. This will invite you to browse for the file.

You will be shown a screen that lists the contents of the file and a prompt to commit this upload to the Registry.

There is an option to use the Auto-increment version

Click on Commit.

Note that the upload will replace any structures of the same id and version that are already in the Registry (unless the structure is marked as “final” in which case an error will be reported).